Monday, June 6, 2011

Isn't Love the Most Beautiful?

Love lifts me up all the time.
I love Love, it never fails to make me feel like a little kid.
I smiled and laugh a lot by my own.
Perhaps it's just a little crush.
Perhaps I confused Love with crush.
I could I fall in love so easily?

Love saves me from hatred.
I am easily distracted by Love.
My weakness and strength are both Love.
I am so silly when I'm in Love.
I thought I can change the world.
I thought I am the happiest.
I see only the beautiful when I'm in Love.
I'm blind.

Love also breaks me down easily.
I am happy but the next moment I am sad.
I lost control of my emotion.
I don't want this but I can't help it.
I cry.

What's the meaning of this all if you don't have Love?
If you don't have someone to share your sadness and joy?
If you don't have someone you can hold on to?
If you don't have someone to be there for you?
If you don't have someone believe in you?
If you don't have someone who loves you back?

I really need someone who would hold my hand.
Someone who looks me in my eyes with a gentle smile.
Someone I can hold very tightly.
Someone who says, "I love you, too."

I smile hopefully yet helplessly when I read these silly words.
I has been in my head for years now.
I had never found my Love.
I love, but none loves back yet.

I'll wait,
Hopefully not forever.