Saturday, October 1, 2011


I tend to think of concrete as being very hard and sharp.
I like the sharp edges and planes that can be made with concrete.
When they come into contact with nature they are like a powerful foil.
The precise order in contrast to nature can make both elements more dynamic.

However, over the years of using this material,
I have come to see different qualities of concrete.
Depending on the space I am trying to construct,
I may see it as just the opposite: softer and less severe.

I began as a craftsman and a builder working with my hands.
I still miss that now.
Working with your hands and muscles is important.
It is very important,
Very important to understand scale and weight and the voice of materials.
I don’t want to design impractical things that a human being cannot build.
Working with your hands teaches you very basic concept of beauty.
For example, I like concrete because it is handmade compared to some other types of modern building methods.

by Tadao Ando

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