Saturday, November 26, 2011

Constant Evolution

All my projects reflect an evolution,
Related not so much to taste
But to the idea of architecture as a cultural and formal presence.
An idea of architecture as determining space.
I would say I design objects in relation to space rather than the other way around.

I admire people who were system-builders like Johann Sebastian Bach.
But I am not like them.
My example would be like Picasso or even Frank Lloyd Wright,
People who evolved throughout their lives,
Relating to time and its passing.
You have the Wright of the turn of the century,
And then you have the Wright of Art Deco
And the Wright of fifties’ modernism.
He was always himself,
But he never failed to respond to the problems of his time,
The same goes for picasso.
They were travelers as opposed to system-builders.
Some things in my workd are systematic,
But as far as form goes, I like to be constantly evolving.
I try to avoid worshipping an ideal style,
And am always trying to escape my own mannerism
—which can be difficult.

by Christian de Portzamparc

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