Sunday, March 25, 2012

Architecture Is Too Professional

I don't believe that architecture is just about the works, as in art. It is also the construction process.
People live in fine houses but they learn nothing about architecture unless they are professional architects, even when they have the chance to do so during the construction process.

So, I had this idea. This structure adopts a very clear and simple principle: one principle and sticks all the same size; it is a small, everyday material but many people working together can build a huge space. This particular space is about 15 metres in circumference and approximately four metres high. Ten people working together could finish it in one day. Here, we had just three people and they finished it in three days, so it is a very exciting process.

It is about people working together to construct something – that is the meaning of architecture. Today, architecture is too professional and there is too much digital design. I think architecture should go back to its origins.

by Wang Shu

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