Monday, July 2, 2012

How It Began

What happened was that I was working with a contractor, and I spent my time on site, making full sets of drawings, all that sort of thing. But nobody read the drawings. The contractor was more a human resource manager. He did not know anything about building really. I ended up sitting on site from morning to evening. There would be a limit to where the carpenters would interact because then the contractor would say, “You can’t do this… or you cannot do that.” That is when the project would get compromised and fall short. Things don’t work like that. They were not my people, I was not on contract. I was putting in my time and suffering the consequences. None of this added up in the right way. So I said, let us try… what if I take responsibility? If I make a little mistake, let it be my neck that gets cut. I did not have a problem with that, and that is actually how it began.

by Bijoy Jain

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