Monday, March 28, 2011

Giving Up, Fighting Back

You should give up architecture. You're not any good with it and I don't see any potential in you being a decent architect. I would rather you give up not and find what really like than force yourself doing what you don't like for the rest of your life. Moreover, we already have a lot of bad architects out there, we don't need any addition to that.

... (speechless)

Do you see your problem?


You did not fight back. If my statements were a test, then you've failed.
I told you to give up architecture but you remained reactionless.
If I were to tell you to give up your life, you are a useless person, kill yourself because the world doesn't need you. You will not remain so reactionless, will you?
You will probably tell me, "Screw you!"
You fought back because you know this is your life and this is You. It is not anyone else's decision to mess with your own life. Hence, you fight for yourself.

But architecture is not you, it's not your life. Hence, when I told you to give it up, you did not fight back. Becoming an architect has yet been your decision. You have yet the conviction to be one. You need to find your ground to stand.
If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything.
There will always be people telling you: you're not good, you should not do this, you're not talented, you're ugly, etc. I don't think their opinions are important, but how you would react to those opinions is.


This is not to talk you down.
This is to make you think,
to make you reflect,
meditate, and contemplate.

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