Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good and Evil

In the beginning,
God created Light and Darkness.
God created Good and Evil.
For there will be no Light without Darkness, nor Good without Evil.

Thus, Evil is not an absence of Good.
Evil is the opposite of Good.
Good and Evil are at war since the very beginning of time.
Good is the beginning, and the beginning was good.
Evil always finds her way to corrupt the Good.
Good always falls for Evil, for Good is good.
Good always loves and trusts, even to Evil.
Good is pure and innocent.

Balance must be kept.
God intervenes again and again.
God helps Good.
But Good is too innocent.
Good always begins but always loses to Evil.
Again and again.

God intervenes no more.
Good must grow up.
God sends Grace to Good.
Grace will guide Good.
Grace will encourage Good.
Grace will teach Good.
Grace will protect Good.
Grace will fight for Good.
Grace will stay with Good.

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