Saturday, April 23, 2011

What is Existence?

What is existence?

Does Santa Claus exist?
People always say Santa doesn't exist, but how come we can see him every December. We can google Santa and an old man with white beard in red coat appears.

What is existence?

If our account states we have certain amount of money, does our money exist? If all the people in the world were to withdraw their money in one moment, certainly the bank won't be able to satisfy our withdrawal. Doesn't that mean our money doesn't exist?

What is existence?
Existence is not Nothing, because Nothing exists and Everything exists.
The moment we think of something, something come into existence, whether that something is real or not.
Therefore, Existence is subjective because something exists to someone might not exist to the others.

Think of a cup in whatever form and design. The cup exists in our mind. The cup exists but it is not concrete.

I think there are two types of existence, mental existence and physical existence. Either one is as real as the other.
Mental existence is an idea. We can think of an idea as crazy as Santa Claus.
Physical existence is a concrete object: a cup, the computer in front of us, etc.

The computer in front of us. We know it is concrete because we can see it, we also know it exist in our mind because we know the idea of the computer. But if we close our eyes and stop thinking about the computer, do we deny the existence of the computer? Will the computer cease to exist?
The computer is still concrete and is still in front of us whether we think of it or not. But how can we know the statement is true or not if we do not think of it?
The moment we stop thinking about the computer, whether it is physically exist or concrete, the computer cease to exist.

Existence is not whether something is concrete or not.
It is not whether something is real or not.
Existence happens.

Existence happens at only one moment, and one moment only.

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