Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty in Architectural Simplicity

My architecture is autobiographical.

Underlying all that I have achieved, such as it is,
I share the memories of my father's ranch,
Where I spent my childhood and adolescence.

In my work I have always strived to adapt to the needs of modern living the magic of those remote nostalgic years.
The lessons to be learned from the unassuming architecture of the village and provincial towns of my country have been a permanent source of inspiration.
Such as, for instance, the whitewashed walls;
The peace to be found in patios and orchards;
The colorful streets;
The humble majesty of the village squares surrounded by shady open corridors.
And as there is a deep historical link between these teachings and those of the North African and Moroccan villages,
They too have enriched my perception of beauty in architectural simplicity.

by Luis Barragan

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