Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Virtue of Simplicity

The aim of my design is, while embodying my own architectural theories, to impart rich meaning into spaces through things as natural elements and the many aspects of daily life. Such things as light and wind only have meaning when they are introduced inside a house in a form cut off from the outside world. The isolated fragment of light and air suggests the entire natural world. The forms I have created have altered and acquired meaning through elements of nature (light and air), which give indications of the passing of time and the changing of seasons, and through connections with human life. although many possibilities for different kinds of development are inherent in space, I prefer to manifest these possibilities in simple ways.

Furthermore, I like to relate the fixed form and compositional method to the kind of life that will be lived in the given space and to local regional society. In other words, I select solutions to problems in reaction to the prevailing circumstances.

by Tadao Ando

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