Sunday, May 6, 2012

Architecture Is Surely An Art

I used to be symmetrical freak and a grid freak.
I used to follow grids,
And then I started to think,
And I realized that those were chains,
That Frank Lloyd Wright was chained to the 30-60 grid,
And there was no freedom in it for him,
And that grids are an obsession,
A crutch.
You do not need that if you can create spaces and forms and shapes.
That is what artists do, and they do not have grids and crutches,
They do it.

I was interested in what the artists were doing,
How they were working with materials and craft,
And consequently learnt a lot from them.
I wanted to deal with the craft,
I wanted to deal with the people who were making the buildings,
I wanted to engaged them
—which is not the way we are trained as architects.
I wanted to break down those barriers
—which will take two more lifetimes.

by Frank Gehry

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