Monday, May 7, 2012

The Story of Little Sunflower-Seed

I wonder whether you have heard the story of the little Sunflower-seed. It goes something like this:

The little Sunflower-seed is innocent and ignorant, cheerful and carefree.
The little Sunflower-seed knows his destiny is to grow into the magnificent Sunflower.
He knows his destiny very well.
But the little Sunflower-seed knows not the hardships of growing before he could Blossom.

'Hey, little Sunflower-seed,' said the magnificent Sunflower.
'Let me tell you the story of growing into a sunflower'

'First you must find a perfect ground to grow.
The ground must be moist enough to stimulate the root,
And it must contain enough nutrition for growth,
And it must be soft enough for the root to penetrate into.'

'After finding the perfect ground, the real challenge begins.
It is the very first step of growing.
You must push your root hard through your shell,
And ground you root firmly,
So that you can stand up strong in the future,
Through the stormy rain.'

'When you grow you'll need food and water,
Which do not come easily and free.
Sometimes, if you are lucky,
The rain will fall.
But most of the time, you will not have the luck.'

'When happened, you must prepare for hunger.
You must find what you need to grow independently,
Your root must dig down to the hardest crust of the earth,
Growing toward as many direction as you can,
Just to find the precious water,
Which is so dear to us.'

As the magnificent Sunflower continues,
The little Sunflower-seed listens.
The little Sunflower-seed did not know,
That to Blossom is a struggle.

'Sometimes, before you can Blossom,
You will get attacked.
The insects love your leaves and your stalk.
They will cut and chew on you.
It will be painful but it will not kill you.
As long as you have strong root grounded,
You will grow back no matter how much it hurt you.'

The magnificent Sunflower concludes,
'The process to Blossom is long and hard,
A Sunflower-seed, you may be,
Clarity, you may have for your destiny,
But know that not all sunflower-seed can Blossom.'

'But when you do Blossom,
You will be Magnificent.'

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