Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Architecture Is An Old Man’s Business

When two of my sons wanted to be architects, which is in fact what they are now,
I was rather negative about it.

I said it is a rather difficult life.
To be an architect you have to have a great love for the profession that you are entering into,
And success does not come early.
It is an old man’s business.
You have to work for many years before you are recognized
Or given the opportunity to do work on your own.

We are dealing with fairly large investment of capital.
People don’t just choose a twenty-five-year-old to design an office building.
A small house perhaps, if you are lucky.

I did not encourage them to study to become architects,
Nor did I discourage them.
When they said that they wanted to,
I said, “Alright then, go ahead.”

by I.M Pei

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