Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Architecture Is (Part 2)

The story continues...

When I was in my second year in Architecture,
My curiosity in Architecture rise.
What is Architecture?
I searched but I did not expect to find any answer.
The process of searching itself content.

I once asked my second year tutor, Kenghua,
"What is Architecture?"
He told me the question is not easy to answer.
He told me a story of onion.
"Architecture is like an onion," He said.
"When you first saw it, you would think that it is all about the space.
But as you look deeper, you'll realize that it is only the very first layer of Architecture,
Just like the first layer of an onion.
You'll find as you learn, that Architecture is about the structure,
Because your Architecture has to be stable enough for people to live in.
But that's not really it, isn't it?
Architecture is the materials.
Architecture is the people, the social.
Architecture is art.
As you peel away layer by layer of an onion,
You'll have nothing left.
So Architecture is Nothing."

The conversation was interesting.
I wondered, instead of concluding Architecture is Nothing,
Why can't Architecture be Everything?

I asked my other tutor, Ken, the same question,
"What is Architecture?"
He told me, "Architecture if Life."
I did not quite get it,
And I don't think I still remember what his explanation was.

(to be continued)

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