Sunday, February 19, 2012

Individual Expression

It really began with my mother taking me to see galleries
And to listen to music when I was a child.
She tried to exposed me to those kinds of things.
That was very personal,
And I think very important to me.
I still go very often.
I always go to concerts and listen to music, classical music.
I am not a scholar, but I am a fan.
I need that kind of inspiration.
I have continued to study art history on my own, wherever I go.

There certainly was not much theory.
We did not study theory.
I myself came at it from the arts,
And I was always interested in painting and sculpture.
I was different from the other architects in that way,
Although I did not realize it when I was a student.
I only realized that I was different later on my career.

by Frank Gehry

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