Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Start with Shapes, Sculptural Forms

The models are a way of studying. It is the way of working I feel most comfortable with. That is how I design.
I ask someone in my staff to start for me, they will bring it in, and then I will fold something here, cut something there. They will work on it some more and bring it in again. The model lets me have a dialogue with my staff.

And I make a value out of solving all those problems, dealing with the context and the client and finding my moment of truth after I understand the problem.
If you look at our process, the firm’s process, you see models that show the pragmatic solution to the building without architecture. Then you see the study models that go through, leading to the final scheme. We start with shapes, sculptural forms. Then we work into the technical stuff.

We agonize about every little part of it,
And I stare for hours
And then I move something just a little bit,
And I stare some more,
And then slowly it starts to take shape.

by Frank Gehry

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