Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ten Commandments

Eventually it became all too clear. Despite ever harder regulations to promote sustainability the society moved in the opposite direction.

When buildings became more energy efficient, people got larger homes. When cars used less fuel, people traveled longer. As food became biologically produced people ate more, especially increasing their meat consumption. With improved recycling, consumption rose to new records. Consequently all good intentions and technological improvements where continuously nilled out by irresponsible behavior.

Soon the world leaders came to the only natural conclusion; what needed to be improved and regulated was human behavior itself. On the brink of catastrophe in a last effort to save the planet all members of the United Nations agreed upon ten commandments that would from that point enforce people to lead a sustainable lifestyle:

1. Thou shalt have no more than one child
2. Thou shalt not eat meat
3. Thou shalt not harvest earths resources in an unsustainable manner
4. Thou shalt only use renewable energy resources
5. Thou shalt only use locally produced goods
6. Thou shalt have an ecological footprint of a size that is sustainable for all humans.
7. Thou shalt not murder any beings
8. Thou shalt not spread toxics
9. Thou shalt not superinduce any substances, flora or fauna not naturally occurring in your habitat.
10.Thou shalt not dispose of unwanted possessions

Whether this last desperate effort was successful in halting the apocalyptic development remains untold.

Architectural Dreams
by KKA (Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture)

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