Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Process of Design

When I start a new job I like to walk around the site for a long time with my hands in my pockets,
Just going around...
By doing that you feel what happens...
You get away from the risk of being theoretical, of making something wrong...
You go to the site once, you go twice, then you go back.
You think, but you don’t draw.
You wait.
You start to build up your ideas,
And then you go back there.
And this is quite typical of my behavior.
I like to do that.

Architecture is about passion...
But you have to have enough lucidity in the passion to understand that something is wrong,
So you cannot fall in love with a specific solution or then you never come back.
You need the lucidity from time to time to look and to say no, that is wrong.

by Renzo Piano

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