Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Types of Intelligence

During my three years of architectural learning, I met all sort of interesting people: weird, wacky, quirky, innocent, banal, fun, shocking, crazy, quiet, reserved, conservative, and any adjectives I can fine from the Urban Dictionary. They are all talented in their own way and gifted if you just pay enough attention to find it.

There are three types of intelligence I observe along these three ye
ars: the smart type, the creative type, and the genius.

The smart are those who are capable to solve problem. They are, I think, the most appreciated in the field and can easily adjust themselves to most working situation. I think they are the hard-workers.

The creative are those are capable to create problem. I like this kind of people, they are able to stimulate thoughts and see things that has never been observed before. Of course, when I said 'create problem', it doesn't mean problem like spilling coffee on carpet floor or playing lousy music when others trying to work. The problem here is intelligent problem. What is that? If I would have known it, I would be a creative, wouldn't I?

The genius are those who are capable to create and to solve problem. At first, I thought they are the combination of smart and creative, but I'm having a second thought of it now. I think they are the people who lives inside their head, their bodies are just a vehicle for them to carry their head around. The geniuses are not so easy to detect because when they create problem, it won't be obvious, and when they solve problem, it won't be your problem they are solving.

So, which type are you?

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